Twitter to Put Mute Feature to Test


Social networking site Twitter is testing a new feature that allows users to mute individual Twitter accounts.

Do you follow someone who constantly tweets about football or boring TV shows? Well Twitter’s new mute function will allow you to silence irritating accounts without having to unfollow them.

The application already has a block feature that stops all communication with the other account, however the mute button is only supposed to temporarily hide annoying tweeters.

Technology news website, The Verge, broke the news by claiming that some users running the application on iOS and Android could see the feature appear after they tapped the cog button on the profile they wanted to block or unfollow.

The site described the feature as a ‘stealth unfollow’, which is ideal for silencing people you know like friends and work colleagues.

This isn’t something new for third-party Twitter applications; Tweetbot lets its users mute accounts for certain periods of time ranging from a day to a month or even forever. Another Twitter client called Tweetdeck has also offered the option for quite a while now, so its introduction to the standard Twitter application will be a welcome relief for avid tweeters.

Tech blogging site Mashable say that it’s ‘quite common for Twitter to quietly test new features and design updates before rolling it out to a larger user base.’

In early April Twitter started pushing its new profile page design out to a select number of users before releasing it to the general public. The new design has been criticised for looking too much like social networking rival Facebook.


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